Terms of service

  • You can use the card code for only one time.

  • Card code should be entered correctly for the caps lock sensitivity.

  • Please make sure of the type and category of the card before completing the purchase.

  • Wrong transfers shall be returned to the same transferring account within three working days.

  • Cards delivered to you via our channels could not be refunded or exchanged if there is nothing wrong in them.

  • Cards Cart holds no liability for wrong purchases you performed due to negligence or entering wrong information that may lead to damage/ loss via purchasing the card.

  • Any problems that may appear in the card after purchase and entered by the client to their devise (as wrong code or that it appears as charged before… the parent company shall be addressed in order to know the reason and the date and time of charging the code… that shall take from one to five days). You should notify us within the first three days after purchasing the card.

  • Cards Cart holds no liability for using the credit cards.

  • Administrative fees shall be charged when using credit cards.

  • Any doubtful purchase shall be terminated immediately and shall not be completed. All data shall be sent to the Electronic Crimes Department in the Ministry of Trade to complete the legal procedures in that concern.

  • When ordering google play cards, google company sometimes ask you for more information, CardsCart has no responsibility when they ask you that.

  • When an amount is approved as a wallet balance, the amount cannot be refunded again.

These terms may be changed and developed all the time. So, client may refer to them periodically and if any part of it appeared ambiguous or wrong, please notify us.